Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Did It! I Did It! I Am Officially A Blogger

First let me say that I am here, because my daughter, BellaDella of BellaDellaFarms got me hooked on Blog land! I have been lurking around for a long time and some of you know me already from Kimberly's Blog.

I am a country gal through and through. I love the simple things in life and I appreciate the person that I have grown to be. That would not have been possible if not for my family roots. I have to give a very special thanks to my Mama, Kimberly's Granny and my husband's Mom, Kimberly's Grandma Della, who was my wonderful mother-in-law and to those of you who read Kimberly's blog, BellaDellaFarms, she will often refer to her guardian angel and that would be her Grandma Della, who she loved and treasured so much.

I love all and anything country. I love when things are not perfect and show what I call their love marks...crazing, a chip, fading, a crack, etc. This just means that the item has a story to tell. It means that it has been used and loved by someone else. The imperfections make me smile and ponder the road it has traveled and the many hands that may have held it. How far has it traveled? Was it a gift from someone special? How many stories has it overheard? I feel it, touch it, hold it, look at it and I love it.

I look forward to my travels in Blog Land and meeting lots of wonderful people. I do hope our paths will cross.

Sit a spell, heat up a cup of tea or coffee and put some cookies on that special old saucer and visit your friends in Blog Land.



  1. Hi, you may consider your path crossed I hope by me, your first follower. You'll be a hit and you'll have a blast.
    Sorry we didn't connect on facebook...
    maybe later....
    Merry Christmas and welcome to blogland...
    glenda x0x0

  2. What a wonderful blog beginning, I love everything country too although I have always been a city girl having lived all my life in towns! Thanks for connecting with me today and I am sure we will stay in touch through our common interests and hobbies.
    Welcome to the land of blogging and I look forward to reading more...