Thursday, February 17, 2011

Friends Met While On A Country Ride

I love the country...was born and raised a country gal and proud of it. I love to just grab my camera, stop by the country store on the way out and grab me a real Coke. Now, what may you be asking is a real is the kind of Coke, the one and only kind as my Father would tell you, if he was still with us (Miss You Dad)...A 8oz. Coke in a glass bottle straight out the drink box filled with ice and cold water to keep them cold. This past summer I got hooked on them. I would usually grab 2, as I never knew how far I might wonder or how long I might be gone. On one of my excursions I had the pleasure of meeting this gorgeous couple and they were kind enough to pose for me. You might notice in the background...hiding behind the tree is a rather large bull, who refused to have his picture taken. Little does he know that I got one of him anyway. You see, he thinks he is well hidden, so let's not let him know otherwise, because he is a lot bigger than you and me and I truly don't trust the barbed wire fence that stands between us. Well enough for this time. I really wanted to see if I could post a picture, so hopefully this will work and you will be seeing more of me and more of my pictures. Thanks for letting me drop by.

Happy Blogging


  1. At long friend is doing a blog, and I am so happy. It's very late here, and I am pooped...welcome to blogland, and you did a wonderful post...I like the
    Just relax on here and be the brilliant person I khow you are...
    glenda xoxo

  2. What a sweet and lovable friend you are. Thanks for your upbeat enthusiasm for my starting a blog.
    It puts a smile on my face and gives me a feeling of happiness, that wants me to just Blog away!
    I am glad you enjoyed my post and I am glad you liked my donkey friends :>).

    Have a nice weekend my friend,