Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pictures Of Who "I Am"

Flooding of the low grounds-near my creek

Standing on the bridge over the (my creek) flooding

I am fascinated by mushrooms

Historical old home of my husband's Uncle Grover. It is on part of the home place

God's painting for my enjoyment while traveling to the Creek House

Another View of Uncle Grover's house

Another view of Uncle Grover's house

Flooding at the Creek

Flooding of low grounds at the Creek

God's Paintings...Beautiful

" Beginning and Ending"

God's Gift Of Color

Cows on Tranquil Hillside

Almost at the Creek House...What a View

Good Night

Heading to The Creek House

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I loved taking them. I am practicing posting pictures...that is why so many.

"Hope your weekend is filled with many memorable pictures of Life"

Much Happiness


  1. Peaceful pictures to start the day on Friday morning. I have a busy day coming...lots to do.
    I hope to have pictures of your Creek House, too. I have already fallen in love with it...
    see you later, friend

  2. Hi Glenda,
    It is so good to hear from you. Thank you for your nice comments, in regards to my new blog. I have been enjoying stopping by to visit you, but I am ashamed to say, that I have not been leaving comments like I normally do...have had a lot on our plate lately, like so many other people. As for my blog, I just decided to jump in with both feet and learn by trial and error.

    Thanks for being my friend,

  3. welcome to blogging janice. so nice to have you join this community. your photos are beautiful. i love uncle grovers house. wow.

  4. I really love the old house,I would love to see more of it,maybe some inside pictures.How old is it and is it livable?
    Also,your blog is very nice,keep up the good work.