Monday, February 28, 2011

Meet Some Of My Country Neighbors

It is not often that I stop by a friends house and there are not babies or young critters running around. I like cats and these two little sisters were running around playing in the fall leaves and it was hard to catch a picture of them, as they were steady moving. I love how there coloring blends in with the natural colors of Fall. They are so funny. When we feed the calves by bottle or milk the cows they are ready on the spot to lap up any milk that hits the ground or on you. They have a nice home in the barn, which has plenty of little nooks and crannies to hide and play in.

Meet another one of my little friends,
who has found a warm body to snuggle up against. From the look on its face...not quite sure what is going on. Little does he/she know that there will be plenty of other baby farm critters to play with. Some will be nice, some might kick you and some might peck you, but I know a little secret about will be chasing them and having fun!

Aren't I beautiful? I am very nice and a lot of the cool farm animals hang out with me. I enjoy having my picture taken, since I overhear the folks talking about how pretty I am and what a beautiful statue I have. I am not the least bit conceited...I just have a lot of confidence and my barn buddies look up to me. Nice to meet you. If you get by this way...stop by to say hello and If you like, I would be glad to pose for a picture. Neigh, until next time.

Okay, so take a good look at us real quick as we are about to disappear.
Where are we going? Well, you see that bucket...the blue one, being held by the lady on the left...just take our word for it...she is our owner and in that bucket is our supper. We are going to disappear down that hill at a fast pace two step and a little wing fluttering to gobble up our food. We will be fed in our coop and then we will go to roost for the night. For you city slickers, that means we are going nightie night. Gobble Gobble...means good night to you all!

If you have read one of CountryGirl's previous post before, you have already met me, but I was with a friend of mine. I saw the lady coming, that stops her car and talks to us and takes our pictures. We really enjoy it when she stops by for a visit. Well, I heard her mumbling to herself, that this would make an awesome picture. I got to thinking, it would be nice to have a picture of just me all by myself...none of my other friends to share any of the glory with. This way you can just rave over how pretty I am. Didn't this picture come out nicely? I am sure I will see you again.

You saw me previously in another picture and I was playing in the leaves
with one of my sisters. I don't remember which one. This is just me being a kitten. Did the lady really think it was going to be easy to get me to be still, so she could take my picture? More fun to try and chew on her, but she seemed to like me and she was really nice and loving to that is why I decided to cooperate and let her take the other picture. She plays with us a lot. Hope she comes back soon! Oh, and did I tell you she brings us treats. Yummy!
We make nice pets...get a chance adopt one of my cousins!

Don't let me scare you...I just want to give you a warm Country Hello. I have big eyes...don't you think? The better to see you by...just a little cow fun.
This lady drops by often to say hello. I love it when she rubs to between my relaxing.

I need to tell her I am sorry for messing up this picture, but she says I didn't. I was standing further away, but I remembered that she had told me that she would give me a facial and make me more appealing to my other MOOOO friends. Oh, now I have made myself blush. We are thinking about false eyelashes, a nice brushing and maybe a little color above the eyes. I wanted to highlight my face a little, but she said that it would take away from my beauty. Can't wait for my makeover. Please come to visit her and I am sure she will bring you by to see me. I sure hope so! I'll be moooing along now. Thanks for stopping by.

Oh, let me introduce you to a lot of my friends. They won't stand still long enough for me to introduce you and give you their proper names. We have come to the barn to be fed and for some of us to be milked for the night.
But on second thought, maybe it is morning and we are getting ready to head out in the pasture to graze on the tender grass. Maybe the lady who took the picture will remember. We love where we live. There is plenty of green grass, sunshine and shade trees to rest under when it gets hot and I almost forgot about the pond and the stream where we can take a drink or go take a dip in to cool off.

You can never say to much about the kindness and beauty of your country neighbors. When you start a new day in the country, you never know who you may have the pleasure of seeing and when you have the time to stop by to say hello and to catch up on what has been going on...some days you will see the same neighbor, so as not to be a nuisance you slow down a little bit, give a wave and have a greeting conversation only for your ears...goes something like this..."It is so good to see you this seem to be enjoying the cooler weather after all the hot and humid weather we have been having...have a nice day and don't get to hot...maybe I will see you out again when I return home in the and and keep driving along." It always makes for a nicer day, when you get a glimpse of your neighbors and you have had the opportunity to feel like you have had a nice visit without really interrupting there day, as country folks always have their days planned.

I would like for you to meet some of my wonderful neighbors. I know you will like them as much as I do.

CountryGirl Happiness When You Have Such Good Neighbors.

Stop and visit some of your neighbors sometimes!

Have a nice evening,

P.S. Still working and having fun figuring out how all this works, but slowly I will get there :>).
Seems...heck I know everything is not in the right order, but I am really tired, so will figure it out later.

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  1. You know, that’s one thing that comforts me about living in a ranch. You get to interact with animals more than with people. Life is peaceful and less complicated that way, I believe. Anyway, how are they now? You might have lost some of them, but I’m sure it’s just a way to open for a new ‘neighbor’. :) -->Rodger Ciliberto