Friday, March 4, 2011

A Peek Of Inside The Creek House

I hope you enjoy just a peek into The Creek House. I have done a lot of changing things around. You would not believe all the things that we found stuck in cupboards, closets, drawers, back porch and other nooks and crannies.

It is a slow process of cleaning items and giving them a new home temporarily. I love my vintage items.

One of the biggest things that needs doing is everything needs a new paint job, but slowly things will get done.

Sorry for so many pictures, but if you are like me, I love to look at everyones pictures.

Have a wonderful weekend All!

See you again at The Creek House



  1. Oh what a lovely display of vintage and antiques. I'm sure every single items tells a story. I really enjoyed looking at everything. Thanks for sharing : )

  2. Hey Janice!
    Just got your comment about the bottlecap magnets and bookmarks on my blog. So nice of you to comment!
    Of course, it is always awesome for people to make something that I have made - I write tutorials on my blog just for that reason. If you link back to me if you happen to blog about it, that is always appreciated!
    Also, you might want to link your email address to your blogger account (you can do this in the settings). I would have replied to your comment, but there was no email address linked.
    Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions when you are making the bottle cap stuff!
    Lindsay @ Diary of a Crafty Lady